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Sales is a field with many ups and downs. Some days may feel overwhelming and unproductive. Other days may feel like you’re the best salesperson on the planet. How you get through the bad days and celebrate the good days depends on your motivation and confidence. Here are three keys to selling with confidence.

#1 Be enthusiastic

It’s really important to be enthusiastic and excited about:

* Your business – You have a unique opportunity to make something completely yours. You get to set the goals and achieve them on your own terms. This is something to celebrate and be thankful for. Each day presents new opportunities.

* The products you sell and the company you represent – You chose this company and their products for a reason. Hopefully, you feel one hundred percent confident and proud to represent them. If not, consider a new company to work with. If you’re not confident about the products it will be tough to sell them.

* Your selling opportunities – Each new connection you make is a selling opportunity. It’s important to celebrate them. Maximize them with enthusiasm. Be grateful for the opportunity and share the joy.

* Your prospects and customers – Your customers and prospects are to be treasured. Each one offers the potential for income today, tomorrow, and ten years down the road. Treat them with the enthusiasm they deserve and they’ll reward you.

* Your abilities – You have tremendous business-building abilities. While some days may be more difficult than others, celebrate your strengths, and embrace them with joy and enthusiasm.

#2 Know your products

It’s essential to know your products thoroughly. Know all the features of each and every one. Know the benefits of each and every product too. Know how you can use one product to upsell or cross-promote another. For example, if a customer is interested in a mixing bowl, perhaps they’re interested in some professional mixing tools too. When you know your products inside and out, you’ll be able to sell with confidence.

#3 Know your prospect

Who is your customer or potential customer and what do they want? People buy for emotional reasons. They buy because a product is going to solve a problem for them. It’s going to make them look/feel better. It’s going to make their life easier. It’s going to give them more respect, authority, and credibility, and so on.

When you study your prospects you’ll be better able to position your products to them. You’ll know what benefits to stress and how to pitch them. You’ll be able to sell with confidence.

Confidence comes naturally – sometimes. Other times you have to fake it ’til you make it. Find your strengths, be prepared, and remember to celebrate your successes. Be grateful and enthusiastic about all you have going for you.

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