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Almost all the marketing and referrals we see are based on a numbers list of what you think prospective customers should care about. This is probably why no one responds. Just in case you can’t figure out why the numbers game creates no curiosity, and therefore no response in most cases is due to poor ads and not targeting your market.

Thinking about how you promote your business is the first and foremost objective you should be doing. You must get rid of the illusion that your products, services, or company, or self, are so good that people will be compelled to read about them. The fact of the matter is that no one cares.

It is still a mystery why we are all trained to believe that because we think we have such wonderful ideas, and the “best company,” and so forth, that everyone is concerned. Anyone who has tried to impress someone with bragging knows that is one of the fastest ways to turn people off.

Try walking up to a complete total stranger and start the conversation with, “Hi. I just wanted you to know that my company has the best track record over the last three centuries and that we offer more services than anyone else. As a matter of fact, I have been in the business for three decades, and have won every award my company has How about pulling your checkbook out and writing me a check for this product”.

After the person brushed you off, you might have wondered what went wrong. Is that the kind of phrase that gets people to buy? Could it really be that no one wants your company’s products or services? Is it possible that you’re interrupting someone with your pitch was unwelcomed? Can’t this person see how important it is to have a proper representative? What other company could possibly help people as much as I can?

Not hardly. It might just be your fault. You see, there isn’t any law that states that people must think about you, and they won’t until they are ready to. So why does everyone send mail, or make calls, or send emails, or run ads that assume prospective customers have been waiting for your pitch? Because that’s what you have been taught to believe. For example, have you ever sent out postcards for your product or service that said something like this exterminator said:

(Dear Resident, Owning a home is a mixed blessing. It’s probably your greatest asset… and your greatest expense. As an experienced exterminator, I can help protect your home’s valuable wood and foundations with professional exterminator treatments. With my services, you’ll feel more comfortable living in the house you own…)

These types of marketing pieces are not effective. Here’s why. Because you are assuming that your prospective customers care. Because you are assuming they think like you. Because you are saying nothing different. Because you are bragging about yourself without displaying any empathy. Because you are not attracting attention. Because you are stimulating zero curiosity or interest. Because you are trying to convince people of something they don’t believe.

If you are interested in getting responses, you might want to try to understand what it is that your prospective customers do think about. Try to get a real handle on what they feel and what they want.

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