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People have different ideas about what causes acne. Most people think that it is the result of excessive oil on the skin and dirt and oil on the hair follicles. While dirt and oil on the hair follicles might be one of the causes of acne, it is actually not the main cause. Acne is usually an oily-producing infection on the skin that makes the pores larger.

Pores on the skin are much smaller than the ones in the hair follicles. Hence, acne is not possible to show up in the hair follicles. The problem with the hair follicles is that they need to be cleaned daily with the help of a mild cleanser. Hair follicles produce an oily substance as a lubricant that helps in smoothing out the skin and also, keeps the skin dry and soft.

For those who wonder what causes acne, they should understand that the excess oil on the skin does not cause acne. The excess oil is actually the condition that makes the skin oilier. The excess oil is a natural part of a human being. However, a small amount of excess oil is healthy because it helps in skin cell renewal. Hence, the oil on the skin is healthy.

When the skin becomes oily, the oil prevents the body from using other essential oils. In this case, acne has a clear reference. The lack of other essential oils is one of the reasons why people get acne. The majority of people know that drinking lots of water can help the body to detoxify the skin. However, it is not always possible to drink a lot of water and still maintain good skin.

Because the skin produces its own oil, it is obvious that the body needs the extra oil to protect the skin from external contaminants. The excess oil serves the purpose of protecting the skin from external sources.

There are also people who think that excess oil on the skin is the reason for the development of acne. They also think that excess oil is the cause of acne but that is not the case. Acne is actually a skin condition caused by a bacteria infection that is already present on the skin. The presence of the bacteria causes the skin to become oily.

This type of bacteria is normal bacteria that are normal in all the bodies. However, this type of bacteria is more prevalent in oily people. These people need to be careful that they do not over-dry their skin by applying a lot of water on the skin. These people need to pay extra attention to their hygiene.

An oily person is more prone to acne because the excessive oil hides the glands that produce sebum (oil). The glands become congested which results in the clogging of the skin pores. This clogging causes bacteria to enter the skin and infect the skin. The bacteria are also known to cause acne.

If the body accumulates dirt and oil, the pores become smaller, which leads to infection. So, if a person has acne, it is most likely that he has an infection in his skin. It is also obvious that a person with an infection in his skin will also develop acne.

If a person who has acne also has an infection, excessive oil will enter the bloodstream where the bacteria enter and causes further damage to the skin. This may eventually lead to a dead-end situation where the person has to undergo some severe treatment or surgery.

Therefore, a person who is prone to acne should look for ways to cure the infection that causes the skin to become oily and makes the tiny hair follicles in the skin to clog. Proper care should be taken to avoid the skin becoming too oily.

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