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After thousands of years, men still cannot figure out what women want. Women will never come right out and tell you what she wants or needs but instead may give some hints or signals that you are expected to work out. In this article, I am going to share with you the inside secrets of women on dating, so you can finally figure out what women actually want.

Women can even be a little contradictory at times. For example, a woman wants a man to protect her and stand up for her but at the same time, she does not want a man that will smother her. By this, she means that if someone were to challenge her she wants a man that would stand up for her and protect her. However, she doesn’t want a man that is so protective that he won’t let her out of his sight.

Some women can be quite moody, which I’m sure you already know. If a woman is in a bad mood she wants a man that can cheer her up and make her happy again. Don’t just think that you should give her space if she’s in a mood because she might actually want the opposite, she might want you to spend time with her to cheer her up.

Women like men that are affectionate, particularly in public. Little gestures like holding her hand when walking down the mall or giving her a hug and a kiss when you meet, are little things that a woman likes a man to do. Women don’t like men that are too embarrassed to do these sorts of things in public as it makes them feel that the man is too embarrassed to be with them, so show her some affection in public.

Something else that can keep a woman happy is to call her more often. You don’t need to have a reason to call her, you can simply call to say ‘I miss you’, just so she knows that you are thinking about her. Or you can perhaps send her a text message telling her you love her or that you can’t wait to see her, little gestures to let her know you care will go a long way.

Don’t be afraid to tell a woman that you love her. Women are often the ones to say those three magic words in a relationship and men don’t tend to say them as often, but it really does do wonders for the relationship if you tell her those three little words. Women want to know that they are loved, they don’t want to assume it, they want to be told.

Another thing that women love is a man that will sit and watch a ‘chick flick’ with them. Sure you may find the movie totally boring, but I’m sure she finds some of your favorite movies boring too but will still watch them with you. It’s good to do things that she enjoys now and again to let her know that you really do care about her and what she likes.

Women don’t really want that much; they just want to be loved, be shown some affection, and know that you care about them. That is all that a man needs to know about women in dating.

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