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Why are people obese? What causes it? Is it due to laziness and unhealthy living? On the other hand, is it due to genetic makeup? Medical researcher shave investigated the causes of obesity and their findings support all of these theories. They have come up with the fact that it is not only one thing that makes you obese it is several factors.

Genetic makeup plays a large part when it comes to obesity and the cause of it. If your family members beforehand have struggled to control their weight then you will ultimately suffer the same fate. I am not saying that you cannot stop it, of course, you can. It takes a lot of time and hard work to prevent it but following a proper diet plan with exercise is a great way to prevent obesity from falling upon you. So yes, the cause of obesity does sometimes boil down to your DNA.

Laziness and unhealthy living plays a major part in the cause of obesity also. When you eat, and you do not exercise, the energy from food is not used and is then stored as fat, the more fat you store the bigger you get and the more obese you become! Steps can be taken to prevent obesity by following a healthy living plan. The government has invested a lot of money into showing people how to live a healthy lifestyle, there are books, adverts, and leaflets available to the public for information on how to live a healthy life. There are also slimming clubs and diets that can be joined to help you shed weight.

The cause of obesity is due to a variety of factors that all need to be addressed and sorted out. If you are struggling with obesity then you need to seek out help, although you do not have to look very far! Doctors and friends are always there to offer support advice and help when it comes to struggling with obesity. The cause of obesity can also be medical related, but that is not always the case, people are just sometimes too lazy!

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