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Life has become more technological in order to make simple tasks easier. Audiobooks for instance have evolved considerably over the last 20 years bring with them new possibilities for portable entertainment.

An audiobook by old standards was a recording on a cassette tape of a particular book. Not these days. Now you can listen to a professional narrator spin a tale of adventure or teach you a language in several different portable formats. My favorite, the instant download to my MP3 Player. You can download to iPods or burn to CD’s thousands of different titles in every gender.

I downloaded the South Beach diet narrated by Dr. Agaston himself. So now I can listen while at the gym and when I walk, even when I am doing household chores. It really helps me stay focused on my weight loss goals and the time passes quickly.

But health and motivation are only some of the audiobook categories available. How about a nail-biting mystery, a hair-raising thriller, or a romantic tear-jerker. Want to learn a second language, educational audiobooks are very popular and an excellent way to learn.

Many people lose a great deal of time doing nothing while commuting to and from their jobs. Audiobooks are perfect for traveling. Why not use that time to listen to an audiobook, especially one that develops your mind and/or improves your professional and business skills? That’s right, there are many audiobook courses made specifically for professionals to improve their skills in many areas of their professions.

Children love to listen to their favorite stories on audiobooks. A good narrator will play all the character roles and really bring you into the story. What better way to get kids excited about the great works of literature.

The benefits of audiobooks are endless. If you have never had the pleasure, now is the best time to give a listen.

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