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Finally, online dating for seniors has given us a real way of meeting potential life partners. Forget joining the local aged veterans club, or the cookery course for the over 55 or Yoga for the mature age group. Now you can join a website and within minutes have access to a group of individuals who are looking for partners and actually know who Bob Hope and John Wayne were.

Ok, so that last comment was meant as a joke. But seriously mention online dating clubs to most people, of a certain age, and they automatically think you are trying to hook up with a twenty-five-year-old.

Online dating for seniors opens up a world of opportunities that generations before us couldn’t dream of. Not only can you find someone who has the qualities you admire most but the fact that they are a member means that they are also looking for someone special.

So how do you find your Mr or Mrs. Right? Well, there is no “fail-safe way” but it helps if you give the process a chance. Despite what the movies may say, less than a quarter of happily married women “knew” that the man they were dating was the “one” on the first couple of dates. Love is like a delicate flower – it needs time and attention to mature to its full promise. So the moral of the story is that you should give a new friendship time to mature. Unless of course, you are obviously incompatible.

Using an online service allows you to build up friendships via email or instant messenger before you have to talk to the person. Often, probably due to the anonymity, we get closer quicker to people we have only met on email than we would if we meet them in person.

When preparing for your first date, think about the first impression the other person is going to get. If it has been a while since you were out socially, you may be stuck in a time warp. I’m not suggesting you need to become a fashion victim but get a good friend to vet the outfit you choose; to double-check the image you are projecting. Mutton dressed as lamb is never attractive for either sex!

Make sure that you stick to the following rules when using any dating service. Until you have complete trust in the other person i.e. have met in person and preferably more than once,

1) Communicate via the agencies internal secure email system. Do not give out your home or cell number, or your full name and address.

2) Always meet in a public place

3) Always, always have your own transport home. Get a friend, family member, or have a taxi booked for a specific time to collect you.

Abide by these simple rules and you will have no problems avoiding the perils of online dating for seniors. Who knows, it could turn into an enjoyable way to spend an evening or two. Or it may turn into a lifetime commitment for both of you.

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