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Bird watching is a fantastic hobby suitable for individuals of all ages. In addition to enjoying the great outdoors and gaining an appreciation for nature, bird watching is a hobby that can be shared with friends and family. Many bird watchers find themselves healthier due to their time outside scanning the skies for that ultra-rare bird. If you are interested in beginning bird watching as a hobby, consider the following tips to get you started and on the right track.

1.) Get a book.

Most bird watchers are not experts on our fine feathered friends from the start. Instead of thinking, a bird is a bird, think again! Birds are a fabulous species that are as diverse as any other set of creatures on this earth. Furthermore, most birds are readily identified by their coloration, so choose a book that has many color pictures suitable for matching the bird in the sky with the correct one in the book. Bird books are available for all different types of bird watchers, from children to adults interested in learning more about birds than the color of their feathers. Also, consider choosing a book with information about bird tracks, since you will be able to determine what types of birds are in the area by the tracks they make.

2.) Listen to the music.

Even if you cannot see the bird, you will be able to identify the bird through its song. In order to be able to correctly identify birds by sound, consider investing in a CD of bird songs. These are readily available for every budget, just be sure to choose a CD that identifies the species of bird that is doing the singing. Consider involving the entire family in learning how to identify birds by their songs, as these CDs are excellent ways to keep the whole family entertained on long car trips.

3.) Join a club.

The old saying, ‘birds of a feather flock together’ also applies to bird watchers. There are groups all over the country– and the world where bird watchers join to socialize and converse about the different birds they have seen. If you are a new bird watcher, these groups will be great in getting you into the hobby, since most bird watchers have already learned how to identify birds by both sight and sound. Furthermore, bird watching clubs have a great deal of fun by organizing unique activities that incorporate their favorite hobby.

4.) Bring the birds to your yard.

Bird lovers and bird watchers often strive to entice birds to their yards, especially during the harsh winter months when food and proper shelter may be hard to find. Start by outfitting your yard with a birdbath, birdhouses, and bird feeders. Depending on your location in the world and the types of birds that are native to your area, you should work to provide the correct food and houses for those species. Also, you may want to consider investing in a heated birdbath, especially if you live in cold climates where winter’s wrath can freeze the water in the bath, preventing your feathered friends from enjoying the water. Also, consider planting specific flowers and plants in your yard that will draw birds to your home. In addition to bringing beauty to your yard, these bird-friendly plants will invite your flying pals to your home.

However, you decide to begin bird watching, do so immediately! Many individuals who experience stress-filled lives find that bird watching is the perfect activity to unwind and release the stresses and pressures of their work or home life.

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