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If you thought anybody could wear contacts, any time and anywhere, I am afraid you are wrong, for there are few of us for whom wearing contacts is simply not advisable or practicable either due to some health condition or because of the professions we are in.

For instance, those who suffer from dry eye syndrome just can’t stand having contacts on. Then, there are people for whom contacts are virtually useless, like the ones suffering from severe nearsightedness, for no matter what kind of contact lens you use, they are effective in correcting only up to a certain degree of nearsightedness.

If you happen to be allergic to products used for cleaning and disinfecting the lenses, contacts are not for you, too, for every time you clean and put them on you’ll have your body overreacting to it. So, no point inviting trouble for no reason at all. Experts suggest that even the diabetics should be extra careful about using the contacts because they are prone to infections and their bodies may not tolerate even a mild infection and may also take longer to cope with it.

Since cosmetic lenses have come in vogue in a big way, even the little ones want to try their hands at looking ‘different’. A few of the loving parents may be a little over-accommodating. They must not be. No cosmetic lenses for kids. Adolescence is the earliest they can try one. It is because the eyes of kids are tender and may not take well to the contacts. Besides, the careless handling of the contacts can cause harm to the eyes.

There are certain professions that make the use of contact lenses impracticable and potentially harmful. For instance, if you happen to be a chemical engineer and are involved in direct handling of the chemicals, you must avoid wearing contact lenses because chemical fumes can harm the lens, which is obviously harmful to the wearer’s eye.

Therefore, before you walk down the optician’s door to buy a pair of contacts make sure you are not among those who are advised by the experts to stay clear of the contacts, for all they can do to you is harm.

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