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Copenhagen would rather have pedestrians and bicycles on its streets, rather than automobiles. But that doesn’t mean that you are expected to walk or bike your way around town for the whole of your stay.

Cheer up, lazybones. Copenhagen actually possesses a vastly-developed infrastructure intended for various public transport. The city is a convenient place to visit because it has several different means of public transportation available. Whether you have a passion for bicycles, a thing for trains, a penchant for buses, or a fondness for ferries, the choice is up to you.

If cabs are mostly painted yellow, it is a totally different thing in Copenhagen. The yellow paint is claimed by the city’s buses. Taxis are considered as luxury vehicles and a fairly expensive one at that. Cheap bus travel in Copenhagen is a good alternative for getting around the city. Like trains, buses are on time and handle regular trips in the city. Thus, it eliminates long waits for those who merely want to travel centrally.

Cheap bus travel in Copenhagen is made more appealing by the city’s unique transportation system. Trains, the Metro, and buses operate using a convenient universal fare system. For example, a ticket intended for use on a particular train may be used for the bus service instead, and so on.

Another thing that accounts for cheap bus travel in Copenhagen is the city’s ticket system. Buying a ticket is like buying one hour access to its system. Upon purchase, your ticket is valid within the hour, as indicated by the stamped date. Meaning, you are free to use any of the three means of transport as many times as the hour would allow you to.

Cheap bus travel in Copenhagen can be acquired by the various ticket and zone cards. However, for those who have the Copenhagen Cards, they can ride the buses for free. The interval of daytime buses traveling on most routes is between three and ten minutes. But from midnight to 5 am, night buses take the place of the daytime ones. They can easily be recognized because their service numbers are added with letter “N”. Cheap bus travel in Copenhagen are mostly in the daytime as those traveling during the night cost twice as much. Although, those with the Copenhagen Cards are spared this worry.

If you find the bus system quite complicated, you can always choose to travel in opulence and hail a cab instead. After all, even if they cost a lot more, you can always use your credit card to pay for it.

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