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Choose your subject with care. Remember that there are lots of information product eBooks floating around cyberspace, but they vary quite a bit in quality. Yours will stand out because of the quality of the material that will be included, and the new, unique perspective you will give to the subject.

Some subjects are never in danger of being outdated. Others are decidedly stale! How can you know that the subject you are thinking of writing about will be a fresh, interesting read for your customers? One way to do this is to take a systematic approach.

You’re going to start off by making a list. You can either do this on your computer or by using a pen and paper. I’m one of those people who can think better if I am doing things the old-fashioned way, so I tend to use a notebook that I call my “idea book” to jot down thoughts as they come to me.

” Make a list of all the different things that you are interested in and know something about.

” Make a list of the things you are interested in again, but do not know very much about it.

With your list in hand (or on the computer screen!) do some research to find out –

” Whether people have been looking for information on the subject recently.

” Whether people that have been searching for this information would be willing to pay for it, and able to pay the price you think your finished information product would be worth. More on pricing your product later in this book.

” Whether the demand for this information has already been met by how many eBooks containing this subject are already on the market. Remember, too that there is a chance that the demand for this information has already been exceeded. It would be pointless to write another eBook on the same subject if this were the case.

Ideally, the topic you are thinking of writing about will meet all three of the above criteria. If it doesn’t, you’ll need to pick another topic that does.

How can you tell whether people have been looking for information on a certain subject? Thankfully, this is pretty easy to do. There are several online sources that you can take advantage of that will help you to determine if your topic idea has merit.

Wordtracker is a free keyword suggestion tool that is very useful. Simply type in a word that relates to your tentative topic. Let’s say you decided to write an eBook about how to avoid a divorce. If you type the keyword “divorce” into Wordtracker, you’ll get back up to 100 keywords related to the original word AND an estimate of the daily volume of searches of these keywords.

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