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If you are just starting a business venture then the following tips will provide you with a solid foundation for growing your new company and if you have been in business for a while you can use these tips as a supplement to your existing marketing strategies.

The results of the following tips may vary based upon your dedication to applying these tips on a daily basis.

1. Sign-up to win website awards. When you win, some award sites publish your website link, name, and description on their site.

2. Join online business associations or clubs. If you join, they will usually list all their members on their website. It will give your business extra exposure.

3. Utilize a simple form of viral marketing. Write or have someone else write a small report with your ad included on it and allow others to give it away.

4. Improve your business by promoting customer feedback. Tell them you want their honest opinions about your business, good or bad.

5. Design your packaging so it sells your products. Utilize colors and lettering that make your product more attractive to your prospects.

6. Compare your product’s guarantee to your main competitors. Find a niche where you can design your guarantee to be more powerful.

7. Try not to assume your audience understands everything in your ad copy. If you have words they may not know the meaning to, define them.

8. Build alliances with other online businesses. You could trade links or ads, create joint venture deals; cross-promote your products, etc.

9. Design your website to be a valuable resource for people. Include original content, links to other interesting websites, e-books, software, etc.

10. Compete with highly branded businesses by practicing good customer service, strong product quality, and speedy service.

Make a commitment to apply at least one of these tips each day, and you will be amazed by the results.

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