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Have you heard the saying, Prospecting is the lifeblood of network marketing?

Picture yourself having this leaking bottle and your objective is to fill it up with water to its brim.

Because there are holes in this bottle, when you start filling it up, some water will simply leak away. Thus, in order to achieve your objective, you must fill the bottle at a rate faster than the rate at which the water is leaking out.

You see, your network or downline organization is just like a leaking bottle. Whether you like it or not, you have to realize that some of them are going to drop. So, in order to build your network, you must replenish your downline at a rate faster than the normal attrition rate.

Through my three years of network marketing experience, I have developed a simple 3-step strategy that creates a surefire stream of prospects for me:

1. Attend Networking Events Regularly

2. Create A List Of Names Daily

3. Contact Your Daily List Of Names

This article focuses on the networking part of a network marketer. (Let’s leave the marketing part to another article.) It is extremely important that a network marketer learns how to network well and attend networking events regularly.

First, attend networking events regularly. Why? It’s because you need to replenish your name list which is most likely limited to a few dozen names.

Once you collected their contacts, add these names to your master name list that your upline or your network marketing company tells you to make when you first start out in your network marketing business.

This is a daily list of names that you create from your master name list.

Each morning, I create a list of 10 prospects to contact. I use a simple notebook to write down the 10 names so that I can carry it in my pocket everywhere I go.

Throughout the day, I will contact as many of these prospects either by phone or short message service (or SMS).

Depending on my relationship with each of these names, I will talk to them accordingly. When I receive a response, warm up the relationship a little before asking for an appointment.

By doing this consistently, you will find that after a few weeks, you would have created a surefire stream of prospects for your network marketing business.

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