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Your garden design doesn’t have to be a huge, boring mess. It can be simple and beautiful if you look around and really consider what you are trying to accomplish. Remember, it is not an end in itself – it is a place to relax, enjoy, and get some fresh air and sunshine.

Planning is a wonderful way to move through the process. You can begin by considering what elements are most important to you and how to integrate them into your design.

Next, take some time to think about where you want to place your garden. While your plants, flowers, or other plants are very important, the overall feel of your garden is something that you should also consider. How much natural light do you get? How often do you tend to water?

What is the size of your garden? Does it need to be a large or small area? Do you need room for space animals to run wild? Will you need to add benches and other outdoor furniture? Will you need to add windows or shutters?

Are you planning on using cement or bricks or stones for the building of your garden? If so, you will need to consider these materials. Also, think about the weather in your area and how often you will need to clean up garden debris. Think about whether your garden has ever been stained from pesticides or other chemicals, and be sure to incorporate this into your design as well.

Just because you plan on having a summer flower show, it doesn’t mean you have to have a big yard or simple landscaping designs. Just be sure to consider all the different things you might need to include in your design.

Your garden design doesn’t have to be extravagant, either. Just be sure to keep your design basic and simple and let your creativity take over. Don’t make it too simple; give your garden a little flair.

Also, while keeping it simple, consider how you will match the natural colors and textures of your garden. For example, would you like to have different colors of grass? Would you like rocks with the same color as your grass?

Think about how you will decorate your garden, too. It’s not enough just to have flowers; what do you want to do with them? Will you want them to be surrounded by other plants or is it better to use rocks?

The garden isn’t the only place you should consider, though. Think about how you might want to feature your outdoor furniture, as well as windows, and keep in mind what plants and flowers will grow well in your area.

Whether you decide to hire a professional landscaper or do it yourself, remember that a garden design doesn’t have to be an expensive and time-consuming project. Just be sure to do your research and always be creative. Look at pictures, listen to suggestions, and don’t be afraid to experiment.

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