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Some people think that any item marked ‘clearance’ is one to be avoided. They think there must be something wrong with it or just don’t like the sound of ‘clearance’ as though buying a clearance item is something shameful, reflecting poorly on their taste or finances. If you’re one of these people, read on for some eye-opening information that may just change your mind. Here we’ll take a look at a case in point, the clearance furniture sales.

Do you know that, just like cars, even a mattress has a year model? Furniture stores will have a yearly sale just to move the current year’s mattress models to make room for the new models. Mattresses don’t change much from year to year! The only change you may find is a different pattern design or a different color of trimming. Mattresses are expensive. If you need a new one, why not save a bundle?

Clearance furniture sales work the same way. Unless you’re an interior designer, this year’s chair looks just like the past year’s chair. Perhaps it’s a different color or the upholstery has changed. Maybe it’s a floor model and 100 people have sat on it in the past year. No big deal. If you like the chair, why not save $100 or more?

Other items you’ll find at substantial savings at clearance furniture sales include sofas, loveseats, occasional tables, nightstands, and armoires. In fact, you’ll find almost everything a furniture store sells, as long as it’s last year’s model. Lamps, decorative figurines, and accent pieces all qualify as clearance furniture items.

You do need to inspect the item closely to be sure it’s not damaged. Occasionally, a tabletop will be scratched or a lamp has a chip in the base. Still, if the damage is something that you can easily fix, weigh the savings against the repair effort. If it must be perfect, just pass on the item.

Furniture store typically schedule their clearance furniture sales well in advance. If you’re friendly with a clerk at your favorite furniture store, they’re usually willing to give you advance notice. If you have an account with the store, you’ll get advance notice by postcard, with special days just for their charge account customers. This means you get the best selection.

If you have a particular type of furniture in mind that you’d like to buy, a little patience can pay you big time. So if you’ve previously sniffed at clearance furniture sales, you might now want to mark the date on your calendar.

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