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For centuries writers have been scrawling their thoughts on the backs of envelopes, napkins, and whatever scraps of paper they can find. Many find the medium of paper and pencil more inspiring, despite the fact that we have technical gizmos that don’t even require us to literally write anymore. Some just need a voice, and they type for you. Regardless, these technical gizmos along with technology in general have allowed writers to produce work much faster than before. As a result, many are not just freelance writers, but they have taken their craft to a whole new level with a small business opportunity idea: writing companies. Those who have successfully begun a writing company begin with only a few tools: a style manual, an internet connection, time, and a market guide.

All writers must have a style manual. The novices will shun them, but the purists understand that without the style manual, they will fail. A great style manual will tell the writer the most up to date changes in punctuation and grammar so that when he or she submits a written document, an editor will not automatically reject it for poor punctuation. Furthermore, if writers can familiarize themselves with proper punctuation and grammar according to the most recent style manual, they can consult others on writing projects. They can literally bid for projects and produce a quality product technically speaking.

Secondly, writers need an internet connection. Again, a few old-school writers may shun this idea, but an internet connection allows for a variety of things that will make this small business opportunity idea a reality. This connection allows the writer to contact his or her clients much more quickly than just about any other method. Furthermore, an e-mail is less intrusive than a phone call. Clients can respond at will instead of find themselves interrupted in their work with a phone call. The internet connection allows the writer to bid for projects much easier and see those projects through freelance websites.

Third, the writer needs time. Many springboard this small business opportunity idea into reality by using their evenings efficiently. They will make the most of the small minutes in their day by building a company one project at a time. Eventually, their little projects turn into their real job, and they find themselves writing the most satisfying document thus far: a letter of resignation.

Finally, the writer hoping to freelance for money will need a market guide. He or she should always purchase the most up to date market guide. New ones come out annually. The market guide to a writer is like a Bible to a preacher: he needs it to work. A good market guide will have a fee schedule so that a writer knows how much to charge a client for whatever work he is bidding on. It also has tips on how to get published and how to write well.

Writing is more than an art; it’s a science. It requires time, discipline, and desire, but those who love to write and understand the vast possibilities of our online world now, can take this small business opportunity idea and run with it. The world is wide upon for someone who knows the right way to write.

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