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In a relationship, jealousy has always been considered to be unhealthy if it leads to non-stop fights and arguments.

In fact, jealousy is the top reason why many marriages end up in divorces. A jealous partner is annoying, embarrassing, and greatly frustrating. Jealousy can be caused by insecurities in a relationship, further provoked by hidden communication lines and mysteries.

If you are in a relationship, in which jealousy is an issue, then you should know that there are effective ways to control it.

The first step in controlling jealous is by communicating with your partner how you feel. You must make your partner see and understand that there are no reasons to be jealous.

It is important that your partner will not perceive any hidden communication lines. You can show your partner letters from old friends or phone calls you received that day. The key is making your partner realize that you disclose everything. Although it sounds pretty tiring, sooner or later your partner will feel trusting.

On the other hand, if you are a jealous partner, you should also open communication lines with your partner and discuss why you have been feeling that way. In most cases, your partner does not realize that he is doing something that makes you feel jealous. Again, the key is communication. You should try to talk to your partner about how you felt and why you felt it. Admitting jealousy calmly would even be better than denying it, but getting worked up over nothing.

In situations where you or your partner feels extremely jealous, it would be best to calm down first before tackling an issue. Sometimes, being jealous and angry at the same time make the situation worse. Analyze the situation carefully, keeping in mind your partner’s normal behavior. Jealousy is often triggered by changes in your partner’s attitude and mood, fueled by suspicion. If you try avoiding suspicion and instead focus on facts, you would soon discover other reasons such as work stress, health problems, and others, all not related to you or your relationship.

If given free rein, jealousy will destroy whatever bond you have with your partner. This is the reason why it is very important that you and your partner work it out early in the relationship. If ignored, it can cause you more problems and heartaches in the future. You and your partner should act now, or lose each other completely in the process.

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