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Unfortunately, when you travel, you need to be concerned with thieves who may try to steal your wallet, driver’s license, passport, and other valuables you have with you on a cruise. Being vigilant and trying not to bring too much with you can help reduce the risk of being robbed while you are trying to enjoy yourself. Cabins aboard many cruise ships are not too secure. While they have locks or card keys, these are not changed as often as hotels, so people who stayed in them before could get back into the room if they wanted. When traveling on a ship, the best way to deter thieves from stealing from you is by not carrying too much with you.

If you have items that you consider valuable, store them in a safe that is located in the cabin or ask the staff to store them in the ship’s safe. This can include jewelry, passports and other identification information, larger amounts of money, and anything else you think a thief might be interested in. Storing these items in a safe will give you peace of mind when leaving the ship or when participating in activities during the day or at nighttime.

If you plan on carrying your wallet or purse with you, make sure you don’t carry too much money on you. If you are paying with cash for drinks or gifts for friends and family, make sure you don’t take out a lot of money and advertise the fact you have it with you. Thieves are always watching people and the way they carry their money. If possible, use traveler’s checks or only bring with you the amount of money you will need and nothing extra.

For the most part, cruise ships are fun places for you to vacation with your family or alone depending on what you are looking for. Making new friends is a large part of a cruise. While you should be sociable, you should also be cautious and not tell people too much about your finances, how much money you have aboard, and where you may be keeping money and valuables. Many thieves are very careful to only ask the right questions so as not to evoke suspicion, so be careful about what you say and what others may overhear.

If you are the victim of theft, it may be very difficult to prove and get any of your property back. Because the legal system is confusing, you may need to file claims with your insurance company, the cruise line, the government that is in charge of the port city you are staying or the part of the ocean you are sailing on, and others. This process could take months before you will see any response. This is why practicing cruise ship safety is so important.

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