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Laws for marriage certificate vary from state to state. This means that you will depend on the state that you live in and follow by the rules. A person cannot just request for a marriage certificate without proper requirements. Laws have been required that marriage certificates are strictly handed out and you need to comply with all the requirements first.

Here are some requirements that you need to get a marriage certificate: A country clerk should release a marriage certificate. A clerk of the court can also release it but it requires a certain payment of a fee. Couples can be issued with a marriage certificate only if they are 18 years and older. If not, they need consent from their parents or a judge if they are younger.

Some states require proof of immunity or vaccination because many states have done away with the required mandatory exams and blood tests. Some states require test venereal diseases, and rubella, which is also known as German Measles. This disease is very dangerous to fetuses. In addition, they have conducted tests to check if they are free from sickle-cell anemia and tuberculosis.

A person applying for a marriage certificate should have proof of termination of prior marriages by death or by judgment of dissolution, which is also known as annulment or divorce. If the person already had a valid marriage, he should terminate his marital status before he can obtain another. He can obtain it through a divorce lawsuit or dissolution. This will result in a judgment, which will return both man and woman to the status of an unmarried person.

A person should have sufficient mental capacity. This is determined as the person’s ability to enter into a contract. Marriage will require two consenting people. If one of them does not understand the purpose of getting married, then the person does not have the capacity to consent therefore, they will never be issued with a marriage certificate.

The couples should not be close blood relatives. However, in some states, first cousins can marry and it is legal. Although they allow it, a few requirements that one of the cousins should not conceive children.

Due to the widespread of venereal diseases and AIDS and HIV, some states require that couples applying for a marriage certificate need to undergo an HIV test or they should be provided with enough information about AIDS.

A marriage certificate can be issued after the marriage ceremony is performed. This will also allow a satisfaction of a waiting period after the ceremony. This waiting period is the time for the couples to cool off before the date of marriage comes. The purpose of the waiting period is for them to make up their minds. Marriage ceremony should only be done until they have completely decided to get married and wish to stay with each other for the rest of their lives.

If not, at least they will have time to think if they are ready or not. Before getting married, it is important that both parties have completely come to the right decision because having a divorce is as difficult as getting married. Some divorce and annulment applications are not granted easily. Therefore, it does not make him or her available for another marriage contract with another partner.

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