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Making more money on your Google Adwords campaign isn’t hard as long as you know the secrets to success! Using these easy methods, you’ll gain more revenue and have more successful Adwords Campaigns!

Use keywords in the title – don’t put your business name or anything obscure in the title, go for the keywords that people would use to search for your product.

Put keywords in your sub-text too – try to sprinkle in 2-3 more keywords (without sounding spammy) in your subtext as well.

Make sure to capitalize the first letter of every word in the title – however, don’t use all caps. Using all caps is like shouting and using lower case letters at the beginning of the word doesn’t reflect importance.

Use numbers when you can – It’s better to say “Make $1000/week” than to say “Make lots of money”

Don’t list features, list benefits – People want to know how this product/service will change their lives. If you just list the features, they may not draw the conclusion to the benefit they’ll receive from that feature so outline the benefits for them.

Be niche-specific for targeted traffic – are you selling “t-shirts” or “t-shirts featuring Siamese Cats”. If you are too vague, you’ll get the wrong kind of traffic.

Don’t make wild claims – Don’t go nuts and make crazy promises or use too much punctuation. You’ll only come off as a used car salesman and non-trustworthy.

Include the price and weed out the bargain hunters – Including the price in your ads actually filters out the cheapskates and attracts the serious buyers.

Run two ads simultaneously – See which one does better in revenue and try to figure out what makes it different than the other ad. Then when the worse ad expires, create a new one in its place and compare it to the winning ad. Always try to “beat” your previous running ads.

If you just use these simple and proven methods when writing Google Ad text, you’ll be amazed how instantly your profits will increase! Also, use “call to action” words, create emotion, use motivational words, and action verbs for outstanding sales copy!

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