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The management of stress requires a systematic approach. It requires a system that is laid out and the determination and willpower to follow that system. This is something that is learned by an individual through their lives and one that is based on trial and error until the person is able to adapt to a system that is effective in the reduction of stress and other related problems. Some may find it easy to adopt an approach to stress while others may find it a more difficult and daunting task that is not easily accomplished.

We all at some point in our lives have burdened ourselves in many ways. There are several ways that we express stress and these are not limited to the typical verbal expressions but extend to the physical and emotional. We can burden ourselves considerably and this will find expression in our health and other aspects of our daily lives will adversely affect. There are persons that suffer from diseases that may have been avoided with proper stress management.

We all live life trying to fill the gaps in our lives rather than enjoying life. This is a large mistake among those persons that are exposed to stress. It is far better in life rather than try to fill the gaps to devise a system that enables us to move from just coping with life to attaining peace in life. It is simple to get misguided over the big picture of life and to feel like if we are drowning. We feel that we cannot get afloat because we let all our worries overcome us.

The simple truth is that if we are able to look at our lives in a step-by-step fashion we will never get this overburdened feeling. We will be able to look at the parts of our lives and move forward from here. We can plan our accomplishments on a day-by-day basis and can move forward from there. If we are able to plan this way when we are faced with a gigantic task it will no longer be daunting. We will plan and go day-to-day doing what we can and not waste time thinking and worrying. Before we know it, we will have accomplished our goal a little at a time.

There are many steps in this long and intense process, and we will be able to move forward only by a commitment to approach stress simplistically and to ensure that we are able to prioritize and do what is required. We all have a finite capacity that we can handle in life, and it is when we try to exceed this capacity that we are led down the path of stress. Life is always changing and as humans, we resist change. This is another reason that stress comes down on us.

We spend all our time trying to find methods to resist change rather than finding methods to adapt to change and live life. We all need some balance in life and while some things will never change, many things will and the way that we choose to deal with that change is entirely up to us. We all have a responsibility to ourselves to make the person inside us happy. The route to true happiness does not always lie in a rigid lifestyle but in one that adapts to change and that is open to try new things. It is essential that we as individuals are able to find internal peace and to accomplish this we must be open to change.

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