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Running is a very active form of exercise since almost all of our body parts and organs are functioning when we run. Runners are not exempted from getting hurt or injured, so it just depends on the runners to make sure they hug safety at all times. Above everything else, recognize the fact that common sense is very important in taking the necessary precautions. Here are some tips to guide you on staying safe while running.

Never Let Go Of Good Old Common Sense

Sometimes the injuries met on the road while running are caused by sheer stupidity. So, make it a point to always keep your common sense intact. That way, you will be able to avoid any kind of accident. Always do a safety-check before deciding to run.

Check your shoes, are your shoelace neatly tied up already? You might have untied shoelaces and run. Chances are you are going to trip over it and bump your head. What’s worse, you might trip over and be off-balanced pushing you towards the edge of the road, and accidentally get run over. Now, that would be so embarrassing to get into an accident by mere lack of common sense, wouldn’t it?

Familiarize Yourself With The Route

If you are not so good with directions, make sure you familiarize yourself with the route or itinerary you will be taking when you run. That way you can easily measure your improvements when it comes to running. And once you begin with your running, never fail to constantly check for your safety. Always be on the look-out for any cracks or holes or bumps in the sidewalk that could trigger an accident.

Ensure That You Are Very Noticeable

Regardless of what time you are running, make it a point that you will be noticeable especially to motorists. Make it a habit to wear white clothes at all times or something bright-colored to serve as your reflective gear. You may also add reflective pieces on your running shoes as well as your jackets to really make yourself very noticeable and therefore avoid chances of getting into an accident.

Always Wear Identification

Make it a point that when you leave the house to run, put your driver’s license on your pocket, or better yet, wear an Identification tag on your shoe. If you have an ID tag or bracelet, make sure that there are emergency numbers to contact in case of accidents.

Limit Distractions To Avoid Accidents

If you could do without the iPod or MP3 players for some music, it would be much better. Why? Because although music can make your running more enjoyable, it might cost you your life if you listen to music too loud. Sometimes, your music might be too loud that it cuts off your sense of hearing, and you just cannot seem to hear the honking cars behind you. You might as well use your iPod and MP3 players when you are running in the safety of a gym on the treadmill, but never on the road where there are cars that might run you over.

And more importantly, do not assume that the drivers always see you. Make sure you send eye contact with the driver of another vehicle before you set to cross the street and go back to your running. That way, you will be able to avoid any accidents from happening.

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