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Before you start on your voyage there is a lot of excitement. You may miss certain small yet important items while packing. Imagine if you cannot find your toothpaste or other such essential items on the first morning of your holiday!

To avoid getting sunburns you may remember your blue wide-brimmed hat. But while dreaming of a lazy stroll on the deck with your hat on, thinking that its color matches well with the ocean you are likely to miss your sunglasses. On the other end, overstuffing your suitcase is also unwise. You may have packed a whole lot of irrelevant stuff for cruising. So holiday planning is crucial.

Some useful packing tips for your cruise that may be helpful in your holiday preparation:

Generally, people tend to remember cameras, alarm clocks, and CD players.

Remember to pack your electric razor and not leave it behind where it is normally kept if you use it on your departure day. Electric gadgets work with batteries. So, make sure you carry enough for all your electric appliances.

Another area where people tend to be careless is prescription medication. Please carry a copy of your prescription along with the original, if you can. This would come in handy as a backup if you happen to lose one piece of your luggage. Also, it is sensible to put two bottles of your medication in separate bags in case the first one gets misplaced or lost.

You must carry at least two pairs of bathing suits. For an aesthetic reason, you may not want to be seen wearing the same pair every day. For a practical reason, your suit may not dry when you wish to wear it.

If you wish to use large beach towels then you must carry your own as on the cruise the towels available are bath-sized meant for the bathrooms.

Your packing list could also include sunscreen, a pair of sunglasses, and a few flip-flops.

Carry essentials like memory cards, batteries, or films for your camera.

You may also carry a notebook with you. This would help you to log in all your impressions while they are still fresh in your mind and make you feel like a sea explorer on an adventure. Plus, these impressions will strengthen your memory more than what you can remember from the video or the pictures alone.

Cruise stories are a huge hit with people. If you possess good skills at writing then who knows your impressions may be a bestseller someday!

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