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A kind of natural soluble dietary fiber, beta-glucans is interestingly found in foods like grains which include barley, corn bran, and oats, and mushrooms such as maitake, shiitake, and reishi. Beta-glucans are basically carbohydrates that are created through a series or string of molecules, known as glucose molecules. However, it is interesting to know that beta-glucans are mostly found in one of the richest concentrated sources which is located in the cell walls of baker’s yeast. Such food sources are then taken up into the body by means of the intestines.

Due to the widely spreading popularity of beta-glucans, it is no doubt that today; this group of carbohydrates is now mostly made available in different forms of dietary supplements. In the process of extracting beta-glucans, it is noted that most of the manufacturers haul out the major compounds from the soluble portion of the baker’s yeast or of fibrous foods. And after that, they extract all fats and protein for the purpose of filtering and purifying the extract. With the advent of packaging, beta-glucans are packaged in the form of capsules and pills and sold to the market in order to prevent or heal different ailments.

Speaking of the various ailments that beta-glucans can be used for, it is considered that several uses and functions of beta-glucans have been proposed by some experts. This group of carbohydrates first acquires its reputation as being the best solution for healing wounds and lowering the levels of cholesterol in the body to help prevent cancer. Until now, beat-glucans are still studied for other possible health benefits that they can bring. These days, it is considered that most of the clinical trials only maintain a few functions and uses for these carbohydrates.

Since beta-glucans are said to lower the levels of cholesterol stored in the body, beta-glucans are therefore useful for reducing the danger of coronary heart disease. Numerous clinical reports have been given maintaining that the higher the beta-glucans content of the low-fat diet, the greater the cholesterol-lowering effect.

Aside from that, beta-glucans are widely applied by those who have poor immune-system power since this form of carbohydrates is believed to enhance the immune-system power of those who used it. It is then considered that beta-glucans appear to indirectly heighten the immune system’s ability to prevent infection by means of activating particular white blood cells that are known as macrophages. Such macrophages as they patrol the body combat the bacteria and fungi. And beta-glucans will also aid in protecting against cancer and the development of tumors.

With such uses, many companies now complete to sell products containing this substance, and it is noted that beta-glucans capsules are much expensive than pills. In relation to this, it is just necessary to remember that these carbohydrates are best found in the foods that we eat. However, before taking the capsule or the beta-glucans supplement to combat the development of serious ailments, a proper consultation or a clinical trial must be made to prevent the onset of possible consequences.

Finally, extra care should be taken when applying a beta-glucans product that is derived from baker’s yeast, especially if you have certain yeast allergies. To prevent allergic reactions and so to ensure great results, the beta-glucans products must first be purified and refined.

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