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The truth is acne is actually part of growing. The acne pimples are part of the skin forming like wounds and cysts that occur as part of the changes a kid experiences in the process of puberty. Teenagers would seek counsel from any of their peers or even their parents about these pimples, or they may choose to deal with it ignorantly.

The following are the most common myths about acne that teenagers believe and the facts that oppose these ideas:

Washing the face many times

Many believe that the more they wash their face the lesser pimples they get. This isn’t proper, this is called over washing. In fact, complications may result from overdoing the routine since it will irritate the skin due to the use of harsh soaps.

Acne occurs as a result of some foul changes such as dead skin cells inside the skin and doing something harsh on the surface of the skin wouldn’t make a difference. It is good to wash the face regularly, but it must be done gently using a cleanser or mild soap. The number of washes should not exceed two times a day.

Popping the pimple/s

Some people just can’t wait for their pimples to vanish, so they choose to pop it out. By doing this, the skin becomes vulnerable to infection, scarring, and even more pimples due to the bacteria that get into the skin while popping the acne pimples out.

Tanning for acne treatment

Sunlight kills skin bacteria, but it doesn’t mean that it is an alternative for treating acne pimples. In fact, if skin cells die out and result in dried skin then the skin produces more oil which is one of the factors that cause pimples.

Diet is one factor for getting acne

Chocolate, coffee, oil, and sugar among many foods people eat do not, in any way, cause acne. No type of diet can cure acne, but a healthy lifestyle can certainly avoid infections caused by pimples. Some foods were actually proven to exacerbate acne only in cases of allergy but never were it proven to be the main cause.

Long hair complicates acne

The cause of acne is bacteria and if the person’s hair is long and is not cleaned properly then it will definitely complicate acne.

Girls are more susceptible to having acne than boys

Acne is commonly present among boys due to the male hormone called androgen which is dominant.

The most disturbing myth about acne is it’s being contagious. People don’t have to fear friends who have acne because the bacteria that cause acne is basically contained by the skin and not on the surface.

Acne is disturbing for growing individuals, but it would become less disturbing if kids and teenagers know the facts and not the side lies.

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