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Ever Since robot vacuum cleaners were introduced to the market, cleaning has been a breeze. The robot vacuum cleaner is fully automatic, and not in the same sense as they were before. It’s efficient, cordless, and hands-free. Gone are the days that you had to push that bulky vacuum cleaner around the house and get back pains from using it. Technology does evolve.

Several companies have developed robot vacuum cleaners. The most popular, due to its affordability is Roomba, which is manufactured by iRobot. The Roombas are available on the market range from CAD $250 to CAD $450.

Would you believe that those robot vacuum cleaners utilize the same military technology used when clearing fields of land mines? These robot vacuums run around the floor randomly, turning on every bump and wall it encounters. It cleans around furniture. It has sensors that would prevent it from falling down the stairs and cliffs. Intelligent, isn’t it?

These also come with a virtual wall device. You attach this device to an open doorway in order to keep the robot vacuum well within the room. It emits infrared that, when detected by the robot vacuum, makes it turn and go in the other direction.

The robot vacuum cleaner mainly looks like a disk and not anywhere like a movie robot with appendages. It kind of spoils the fun for kids expecting eyes and arms, but then it does the job. The vacuum cleaner has a disk-like structure so that it can go under sofas and cabinets, places your regular vacuum definitely won’t reach. It has fine brushes to effectively clean carpets and rugs. It has filters so anything that’s quite big won’t get sucked in and jam the system. You don’t even have to worry about recharging, it can actually recharge itself. The docking system emits an infrared beam, so the robot vacuum can find it, go back to it and recharge to be all set for the next cleaning session.

The robot vacuum cleaner has its limitation. You’re not supposed to run it over something wet and sticky. And regular pre-vacuum preparation still applies. You still have to pick up the things scattered that would snarl the brushes like toys and socks. Nor can you use it on those thick shag pile-type rugs. The manufacturer claims it can’t handle those situations just yet.

The comfort of using one of these robot vacuum cleaners is awesome. Most of the models contain only three buttons. The buttons are selectors, so you can choose the cleaning mode.

Cleaning the house can now be done unattended. Moms can cook lunch while cleaning the house at the same time. Chores around the house can be done in a jiffy, thanks to the robot vacuum cleaners. It’s a big help for working people, especially moms, who would rather enjoy some time with their kids rather than do some household cleaning.

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