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MTGO Masters Edition Looks to Be the Most Fun Ever

Masters Edition is coming, Masters Edition is coming! Available only on Magic Online, this 195 card set is set to release on Monday, September 10th! This set will contain all reprints from sets before Mirage. Masters Edition cards will only be legal in these formats: Classic, Prismatic, and Singleton. Hopefully, with a little help from Wizards ie banning or restricting Flash and the Mirage tutors – Classic will start to become a playable format!

This is exciting because as of this writing the format has very few viable decks on MTGO. Some would say, it only has 2 decks, Flash and Anti-Flash. So far, Wizards has spoiled 29 cards. We will soon see old favorites like Force of Will, Armageddon, ZUran Orb, Juzam Djinn, Lightning Bolt, Berserk, Serendib Efreet, Moat, Mishra’s Factory, and Hymn to Tourach returning to glory. Starting September 14th, Wizards will be running release events including leagues, premier events, and draft queues.

I personally cannot wait to booster draft 3 packs of these cards. It should be a lot of fun mixed with complete madness! After the release events are overdrafts will then be two Tenth Edition boosters and one Masters Edition booster. SO, you won’t want to miss these release events! The only downfall is the Masters Edition will only be available for a limited before being removed from the online store. We will be given a month’s notice before it disappears forever, so be sure to mark your calendar as you won’t want to miss this! Sexy is back!

When you go to purchase or trade these awesome cards on MTGO, make sure you know who to trade with. I am not just talking about prices here. You have to be careful so as not to get scammed. You can find Safe Trader Lists online or you can see exactly who the scammers are. Stay safe and protect your cards and your cash by checking out the scammers list.

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