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Acupuncture has been used for centuries by the Chinese to help the flow of Chi through the body. Acupuncture can help reduce pain, and muscle spasms, not to mention there is acupuncture for relaxation.

I have had acupuncture for all these things, and it does work very well. There are quite a few spots on your body that will help you relax but the main one that I like the best is right at the top of your head. When the acupuncture for relaxation is done, and they pull the needle out. You almost feel like you have had alcohol to drink. You can even get a little staggering and feel unbalanced you are so relaxed.

Stress creates blockages in your body and the Chi does not flow smoothly. Acupuncture helps remove those blockages so your Chi returns to normal and flows smoothly throughout your body. It may take several treatments to accomplish this though so be patient and just enjoy the sensations you feel after your treatment.

Contrary to some beliefs, acupuncture does not hurt. The needles are so small and the acupuncturist is so skilled that you rarely ever feel a needle going in. If you do feel the needle then it is usually because that area is in spasm or is bearing the brunt of your stress not because of anything the acupuncturist is doing. If this happens just concentrate on relaxing that area and soon the pain of the needle will go away.

The acupuncturist can even attach very small electrodes to the needles to increase the effect of the acupuncture. The electrodes are placed, so they fire in a sequence that assists the Chi and gets it flowing in the right direction.

When you go for treatment be sure to tell the acupuncturist exactly what has been troubling you, so they can pinpoint (no pun intended) the exact places to put the needles. Let them know if you are having headaches, other pain, if you are feeling depressed or anxious, and even skin irritations. Stress causes any number of ailments and is usually treated by inserting the needles around the ear. This works quite well for reducing the amount of stress you feel.

Your upper back and shoulders are where you hold all the tension, so some needle placement may be necessary for these areas also. I am not a skilled acupuncturist so do not take me at my word, I just know where I have had needles placed and the effects I felt when they were removed.

You are under enough stress, do not stress about the acupuncture treatment. You will feel next to nothing when the needles are inserted and will feel wonderful when they are taken out. Wear comfortable clothes for your appointment. Depending on where the needles need to go you may have to change into a gown or some shorts, so the acupuncturist can have unlimited access to your skin. And really do not worry, you will feel so much better even after one treatment. I know from personal experience that acupuncture for relaxation works.

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