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There are many misconceptions and myths surrounding meditation. As with any new concept, people will want to know how to meditate. Many think that it is some mystical ritual.

Because meditation is becoming more popular, it has been adopted by many people, and new techniques have been developed to help us meditate. There are many forms of meditation, but there are two main types. Those methods I will discuss here are focusing on meditation and universal meditation.

Focusing meditation is focused attention on one thing. In this method, we set aside all thoughts and focus on a single thought. You may feel like you are already in meditation, but that’s because you are focused on that thought. It is impossible to be completely still you are only focused on that thought.

Universal Meditation involves meditating on everything. You are not concentrating on anything specifically, and there is no concentration necessary.

Vipassana (meditation based on word) is also known as mantra meditation. We repeat a word or a syllable over, repeating it clearly and distinctly in our minds. The word or syllable is generally non-verbal and can be translated into any language or sound. Vipassana meditation is really just repeating a word over. It is often combined with concentration meditation.

When you do the concentrating and focusing meditation, you simply focus on a single thought, word, sound, or anything else you choose. Your mind is open to it enters into your consciousness. Vipassana meditation is a form of self-hypnosis.

Another form of meditation is deep meditation. You focus your attention on an object or a feeling without your consciousness being aware of it. You can relax deeply and allow yourself to become quiet. Deep meditation focuses our attention and activates various subconscious memories.

Relaxation meditation is a technique used to help you control your breathing. You breathe out from your nose and hold your breath for several seconds before inhaling again.

There are many other techniques for focusing and relaxing. Many people like to meditate by using meditation tapes to train their mind to focus on specific things, like deep breathing or a mantra, without your awareness.

People do not meditate for every waking moment. While you may have a general idea of what you would like to achieve when you meditate, it is wise to take breaks. Sometimes it is best to put off meditation so that you can refresh your mind, but you should always enjoy it.

As with any spiritual practice, keep in mind that the truth is always different from your current beliefs. In a time when so many people are lacking in spiritual enlightenment, it is refreshing to learn that there are many ways to experience meditation.

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