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The MAPS (Monitored Multi-cortical Activity for Additional Pathways and Synapses) treatment program for autism is a breakthrough stress-free program, designed for parents who have not given up hope. Who better than you, the parent, you are the expert of your own children! It only takes 10-15 minutes each day to implement the treatment procedures twice daily, thus leaving you plenty of time and energy to share and enjoy life. Imagine the possibilities, no more medications, no side effects, no expensive equipment, no stressful and long therapies!

For hundreds of children and adults who had autism and have graduated from the MAPS treatment program for autism, the world is no longer frightening but has become a familiar, comfortable and engaging environment in which learning is a pleasure, life is fun, affection is reciprocated. Families say it best when they say that they can finally do “what regular families do”.

Knowledge from neuroscience suggests a clear and simple theory: controlled and simultaneous stimulation of multiple zones of the brain through the sensory systems and motor control centers changes an individual’s abilities, improves their perception and behavior, and greatly enhances their motor function. Further studies show that the social and cognitive abilities of an individual depend essentially on the levels of neurotransmitters, the brain communication chemicals such as Serotinin and dopamine.

Claudie Gordon-Pomares, a published and internationally recognized researcher from France, who has developed this program by re-designing validated procedures, explains that “the work of Prof. Rosenzweig in the late 1940s was the first to demonstrate neuroplasticity, the notion that the brain can modify its own structure long after development is complete. Today, we could refer to Prof. Kolb, of the Canadian Centre for Behavioral Neurosciences, as the leader in this field.”

This breakthrough treatment program taps into the ability of the brain to repair itself to treat autism and its symptoms. MAPS is a unique treatment for autism designed to not only prompt the brain to re-balance its chemical activities, thus affecting behavior, social skills, learning, task planning, fine and gross motor control, mood, and speech, but to also trigger the activation of brand new nerve cells (neurogenesis) and improve the communication between existing nerve cells (dendritic arborisation).

The uniqueness of this program becomes evident when she explains:

– first, that this treatment targets the functional areas of the brain and stays away from the dysfunctions,

– second, that it involves the parents as sole therapists at home,

– and third, that the treatment procedures involve the simultaneous stimulation of multiple brain zones.

Upon successful application, an in-person evaluation session is booked during which Claudie herself will assess your loved one to determine what available pathways may be built upon. Goals are then set, and they may look like “being able to communicate and express real emotions spontaneously using appropriately formulated 3-word sentences”, “sleep well at appropriate times in his bed for a month”. Or “play age-appropriate imaginary games for at least 15 minutes, such as dinky cars, dinosaurs, tea parties, etc”.

The program is updated every two weeks. The Center provides you with close support and training to ensure that the program is implemented as effectively and smoothly at home as possible. And so on for 6 months at a time. When families graduate, the levels of function achieved are easily maintained for life with a simple 2-minute daily exercise.

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