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One hobby that will never go out of date is photography. It’s simply because it captures moments that the human mind can’t store vividly for long. It immortalizes scenes that are otherwise easily forgotten.

If one wishes to indulge himself in this kind of pastime or even as a profession, it will be indispensable to acknowledge the help of not only the technical know-how of photography but also the elements and accessories of the device that makes things happen — the camera.

These three elements in a camera:

1. the optical element of the lens

2. the chemical element or the film

3. the mechanical element or the body of the camera

It is the calibration of these elements that makes the recording of the images possible.

From the analog cameras, technology brought about its modern counterparts the digicams or digital cameras. With more advanced features and a wide array of accessories, they make the hobby more accessible even to the most novice.

The difference between a digital camera and an analog one is that with the latter, the images are stored in digital format. With that format, the image can be previewed before it gets developed. Printing pictures from a digital camera is a lot more convenient too.

What are the current hot camera accessories? These include the following:

Electronic flashes

Flashes are for the vivid exposure of an image onto a filmstrip. Through the emission of a good amount of light with the release of the shutter, the film is exposed enough with an adequate amount of illumination. These accessories are particularly used for indoor photography or when one has to take pictures after dark.

Storage devices

Storage devices back were not able to be removed. Nowadays, digicams are endowed with flash memory devices, i.e., memory sticks, smart media cards, and compact flash cars.


Digital cameras are now equipped with either rechargeable batteries or disposable ones. The non-rechargeable batteries include lithium and alkaline types, while the rechargeable batteries are known to be in the form of lead-acid and NiCd batteries.

Other accessories include a camera bag or case, tripod, and straps.

It is not enough to know the accessories and elements of a camera. One must also learn how to use them properly and how to maintain them for their longest use for the enjoyment of this popular hobby known as photography.

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