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Bluetooth technology got its name from the Viking King Harald Bluetooth of Denmark, who was famous during his time for his excellent mediation skills. He connected with a lot of people and was admired by his men for this talent. Hence, when the technology was invented, the name stuck.

This wire-free technology enables a broad selection of devices to be able to exchange information with the help of 2.4 GHz short-wave radio signals within a range of up to 120 feet. Devices like video game consoles, mobile phones, PCs, laptops, PDAs, MP3 players, stereo headsets, and printers all can be connected to each other through Bluetooth.

Technology has made our lives so much easier and Bluetooth is one such invention. The best thing about Bluetooth is that you can connect any two devices without using any wires. The wiring of the computer with various other devices like the fax machine, printer, Internet server can sometimes be a nuisance.

Thanks to Bluetooth technology, pesky wires are no longer required. This technology can connect laptops, headphones, PDAs, cell phones, and printers. And now, you can set up your own PAN (Personal Area Network) where you can be linked to other laptops, cell phones, printers, etc. as long as the other devices used are also Bluetooth enabled.

The Bluetooth keyboard and mouse are some of the best applications of this technology, as it makes it easy for people to use their computers. With Bluetooth technology you can have hands-free communication; you can now take your phone calls while driving, cooking, jogging, etc. and you can listen to your favorite tunes within the house without that cumbersome cord getting in your way.

Even if the appliances and devices that you already have at home do not have in-built Bluetooth technology, you can upgrade them with the help of a USB Bluetooth adapter, commonly known as the Bluetooth dongle. Bluetooth technology is excellent for multiple users sharing a common device. For example, a good number of computers can use the same printer without having to be connected to it with wires.

The Bluetooth technology products are also very reasonably priced and everybody can afford them. Because 2.4 GHz, the radio band where Bluetooth operates, is an unlicensed industrial, scientific, medical (ISM) radio band, there is no cost for the use of Bluetooth technology. You pay for your device, and it is definitely worth every penny.

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