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The term “chiropractor” can be a very vague one to use. The American Chiropractic Association (ACA) defines a chiropractor as “a doctor of medicine who specializes in the study of the nervous system.” However, this does not mean that all chiropractors are doctors, as some are medical doctors and others are chiropractors.

The difference between the two is wide and varied, but the main characteristics are that chiropractors practice a different style of medicine than most doctors. The “chiropractic philosophy” incorporates theories that have emerged from the study of anatomy, biomechanics, and psychology.

There are many different styles of chiropractors. Some are straight chiropractors while others practice “non-straight” chiropractic. You may find it helpful to determine whether your physician practices “straight”non-straight” chiropractic in order to obtain the best treatment.

Some chiropractors practice “straight” chiropractic, where all their patients are children or young adults with aches and pains. It is possible for a child to have severe back problems and yet not need chiropractic care.

However, many doctors specialize in different kinds of treatment. You should always make sure your chiropractor provides treatments tailored to your particular needs.

Some patients may have different health needs than others. For example, a chiropractor may have more experience in treating a patient with chronic headaches than an orthopedic surgeon might have in treating a patient with a back injury.

There are different types of chiropractors who specialize in spinal manipulation. These types of chiropractors offer different types of treatments.

An osteopathic chiropractor will generally not have experience with manipulation involving spinal manipulation. If you ask him/her to perform a manipulation, it is important to make sure he/she has experience in the technique. You want to ensure that you receive only the best treatment.

In order to get the best results, it is advisable to speak with your doctor about your concern before you consult with the chiropractor. Your doctor can tell you if you really need to see a chiropractor and if the chiropractor you are considering is capable of offering you the best treatment.

When you walk into a chiropractor’s office, make sure that you look over any materials that your chiropractor may provide. Many times, your doctor may ask you questions about your physical condition and the causes of your pain. He/she may also ask you about the equipment that you use and how often you use it.

Be sure to take note of the equipment used in the treatment you receive. This will help you determine whether the treatment you receive is the best for your condition. If it is not, you may want to take your concerns to your doctor.

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