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Back acne is simply acne that occurs on the back. There is actually a funny yet nice term for that, bacne. Well, back acne or bacne can generally show up in varying forms. It can be in the form of blackheads, pimples, pustules, and even the most severe form of acne which is cysts.

Like the other forms of acne, there is no one particular factor that may be associated with the formation of back acne. Certain studies found out that back acne, just like the other forms of acne, also appear when the sebaceous glands start working more aggressively around puberty. It is interesting to know that the sebaceous glands are actually situated just below the shell of the skin, and it persistently produce and emit oil through the pores.

Back acne is of course found on the back, but sometimes on the buttocks. Just like some forms, back acne can be severe especially when the lesions are large and painful. One of the deemed major causes of the formation of back acne is tight clothing, which traps perspiration against your skin. Back acne may also be caused by heavy backpacks. It is noted that heavy backpacks rub on the upper shoulders or can cause irritation which then triggers the development of back acne.

In this kind of condition, especially if the inflammation is right near-surface, there is a great possibility that a patient can get pustules. If the infection is deeper, back acne can show up in the form of the papule. It is worth noting that deeper acne actually causes cysts which are the worst form of acne. If such occur, the possibility of permanent scarring is so great. Moreover, if the extra sebum breaks through the skin in back acne, whiteheads will greatly appear, and if the head of the plug becomes dark because of the skin pigment known as melanin, the back acne then shows up in the form of blackheads.

One thing that sets back acne separate from the other forms of acne is the fact that food does not seem to play a role in the formation or flare-up of back acne. Although you may have been told that fried or oily food or fat-rich diet causes its formation or worsen its condition, there is actually no evidence to prove such claim. Experts commonly note that excessive oil production or dirt does not seem to affect the condition of back acne, even the excessive perspiration after a workout.

The appearance of back acne in simpler conditions may be treated by over the counter medicines, the same as to that of the other forms of acne. Most probably it will just disappear with the daily hygienic routine. However, severe back acne like the cystic one must be treated by a certain skin specialist or dermatologist for it may cause further damage to the skin. And, since it goes deeper into the skin and causes permanent scarring, severe back acne must then be given more medical concern.

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