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The business world both online and offline is becoming congested. And so more and more businesses are trying to come up with fresh and innovative ideas on how they can make their business rise from among the great number of competitors. In the case of online companies, the fight for page ranks is furious since they know that their site can only become profitable if it can be found on the first page of major search engines, and so they end up spamming just to get the attention of their prospective customers. However, such an effort, in the end, will prove to be meaningless since very few people really care to check on spam add mails.

On the other hand, making use of promotional products to encourage customers can really help online businesses, and here are some tips on how to do it:

A. There will always be new visitors to your site no matter how seldom they come there will always be some browsing along. In order to catch their attention and to entice them to frequently visit your site, you may offer them free gifts as well as gifts to your regular visitor. Remember everybody loves gifts!

B. You can always offer incentives like free promotional items for every purchased product on your site, or you can offer a double quantity of promotional items for additional orders.

C. Or send out postcards, it doesn’t necessarily mean that since your business is online you won’t be doing offline promotions. Online advertising should always be coupled with offline promotions since advertising emails or newsletters are oftentimes deleted with the rest of the spam emails and in order to prevent such from happening send out postcards. It’s much effective and has a personal appeal to it. Most people love receiving mails and a postcard is very much welcomed.

D. The choice in terms of the promotional items to be used must reflect your business. Take for example, if your online business pertains to coffee it would be best to have a mug printed with your company’s logo as your promotional item. However, if you’re into a sport type of business, a cap with your company’s logo will simply work. Such types of promotional items are both effective and useful.

E. The packaging of the promotional items should not be taken for granted. If you can have your company’s logo printed on the packages so much the better. The reason for this is that there some customers who tend to reuse the packages, and it’s a great opportunity for free advertisement especially when they carry it to some other places and other people see the logo on the package that will increase the exposure of the company.

F. Hold a contest with the promotional items as their winning prize. Everybody loves winning something, and also it’s a great way of involving your customers in your business.

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