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Themes are a fun way to homeschool your child. A theme can be created from any topic that your child is interested in. A theme is simply a base topic from which you can teach in your lesson plans. A few examples of themes are apples, bats, zoo, space, fun in the sun, or even Dr. Seuss. You can choose just about any topic that you would like for your theme. Using themes will make your lesson plans more creative, fun, and interesting.

Themes usually have a time frame from which they are based around. Themes can last from one week all the way to one month depending on how in-depth you want to approach your theme. I would suggest using a theme no longer than two weeks with your homeschool child. Incorporating themes into your homeschool lesson plans is really quite simple and you and your child will both enjoy the fun that comes with creating a theme-based lesson plan.

Themes do not have to be incorporated into every teaching objective for the week. You can be selective and use a themed-based curriculum once or twice a day, throughout your homeschool lesson plans. Get your child involved in your lesson planning process. Have your child help choose themes that are interesting to him. When children are actively involved in the lesson planning process and given choices they are more eager to learn. I suggest getting your child involved in all aspects of lesson plan preparation to keep their interests.

Let’s take the theme apples as an example of using themes in your lesson plans. In science, you can dissect an apple and look at the apple seeds, or you could discuss how apples grow. In math, you could dissect an apple into halves and fourths. In social studies, you could learn about Johnny Appleseed. In language arts, you can read many books related to apples and even write your own apple-related paragraph. During art, you can make apple prints using cut-up apples with paints. In P.E., you can have an apple toss, jump over apples, or even bobbing with apples. For music time, you can find many songs related to apples to sing with your child. Make homemade applesauce, apple muffins, or apple butter for your cooking class. You can make interactive bulletin boards using apple projects that your child creates.

The most important factor in using a theme-based curriculum with your child is to integrate the themes into your child’s objectives that need to meet for the school year. A nice blend of themes into your curriculum base objectives can be both fun and rewarding for your child. Make learning fun and interesting by incorporating a theme-based curriculum into your lesson plans.

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