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Adult Acne is not something to feel embarrassed about. Though the general notion is that acne and pimple outbreaks are for prepubertal and teenaged populations, adult acne is not unusual. A majority of adults, who were lucky to be ‘acne free’ during their teenage years and who saw the desperation of their peers trying to combat acne, feel mortified when they find that just when they assumed they were free of acne forever, they have become afflicted by adult acne.

Most of the adults are confused and embarrassed. They wonder, isn’t acne an adolescent problem? But the truth remains that adult acne is more widespread than imagined. Statistics show that in the United States alone, nearly 40% of all acne cure products are purchased and used by adult acne sufferers.

What is the reason behind adult acne? Well. It is not one but many. However, the most universally attributed cause, that of bad personal hygiene, is a myth. Nearly all acne cases even adult acne, are a direct consequence of blocked pores on the skin or hormonal imbalances. Faulty closing of facial hair ducts or infection of the oil glands is a probable cause of adult acne.

The good news is that acne can be cured to a greater or lesser degree. The bad news is that most adults, in their zeal to overcome the embarrassment of an adult acne outbreak, try the first remedy they can lay their hands on from their neighborhood drugstore. Little do they think that this could do more harm than good to their acne problem. The remedies found over the counter cater to acne problems of the majority of the younger populations. These medications and remedies might not have the potency or the capacity to deal with adult acne because the reasons of which may vary to a great degree.

Adult acne demands tougher remedies despite the fact that adult acne is no different from regular acne. So what should be the first step to cure adult acne? A good idea is to consult the dermatologist to determine the underlying cause of what caused adult acne. The next step after the diagnosis is done is to use simple prescription drugs to eradicate the acne problem forever.

However, there is one important piece of advice. All adult acne sufferers need not be embarrassed about their problems. Like I stated above, adult acne is more common than imagined. So which option do you feel better? To make that one visit to the dermatologist or to spend a fortune at the local pharmacist, trying to find the elixir for acne with the fear and worry that comes with it? Think about it. The choice is yours.

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