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Acne is very common in teens. Acne occurs due to hormone imbalance that results from the liver imbalances androgen build-up, the changes in hormones, and the burning of fat deposits in the body. Acne can be severe in a few months or it can be mild.

There are a few major triggers for acne. Being exposed to bacteria, dirt, pollution, foods, stress, and other factors can cause acne breakouts.

Dirt is the most common occurrence in acne. This is because most people in the world breathe air that is very dirty, and the air contains many bacteria. Sweat and urine are also sources of bacteria. Dry skin is another reason for acne.

Most people who have full-time jobs get acne. The chemicals used in the products to make the products don’t get absorbed into the skin properly. It leads to dry skin.

Foods with high amounts of preservatives like balsamic, butter, and vinegar are also a major cause of acne. All the acids that they contain also help in the formation of oil and hair follicles. High protein diets are also a major factor in acne. People who eat a lot of meat and eggs are more prone to acne.

Stress is also known to aggravate acne. It is also a major cause of stress. Most people get too much of this type of stress every day. They have to face a lot of problems, and it takes its toll on the body.

Another reason for acne is high body weight. Obesity increases the level of insulin and thus increases the production of the hormone insulin. It causes an increase in blood sugar and insulin levels and hence increases the production of oil and moisture.

Air purifiers, smoking and being around overexposure to sunlight all result in the formation of oil and dirt. Cigarette smoke causes inflammation of the eyes, mouth, nose, and throat.

People suffering from acne should avoid all forms of acne medication, as it might worsen the problem, and result in further acne. It should be remembered that the reason for acne is hormonal imbalance. Therefore, any medicines for curing acne will not work.

Mild acne can be treated easily. Medications that are available over the counter can be used to cure mild acne. They will also help in reducing the level of acne scars.

If the level of acne scars is more than 2 mm, it should be treated with more serious treatment. Even this level of acne can be cured using prescribed treatments.

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