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Paris is pleasant to visit all round the year. It is a popular tourist destination along with being a rich metropolitan city. It is the largest French city along with being the capital of France; Paris is home to about 10 million people.

The North Atlantic drift affects the climate of Paris. As a result, Paris has a marine west coast climate. The city enjoys a temperate climate throughout the year and does not have extremely high or low temperatures. Sometimes the coldest months may receive snowfall usually lasting only a day. There has been one unique instance of snowfall in April that may have been caused due to changes in the global weather patterns.

However, October is a perfect time to visit Paris. The locals are relaxed after the onslaught of summer tourists, the crisp daily temperature in the mid-sixties is ideal for exploring outdoor markets and cobble-stoned streets, and the range of colors on display in Paris’ many parks and gardens is breathtaking.

Paris is rated very high amongst fashion houses and boasts of fast and exciting nightlife. The city boasts of innumerable historical avenues, monuments, museums, iconic landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower, and the “Louvre,” which is prided to be amongst the most famous museums.

Estimates suggest that Paris caters to more than thirty million visitors annually. Though most would take one trip to the Eiffel Tower, the city boasts of many other archaic and architectural wonders that can keep visitors mesmerized for life.

Visit Paris also to experience the world’s best food. Paris is known to be home to the finest foods and drinks in the whole world and enjoy your Parisian coffees.

Finally, we all believe that it is the combination of historical charm, modernism, and a heady underworld, which makes Paris a fantasy tourist destination. So don’t lose the chance and do your best to spend a vacation in the City Of Light.

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