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Many times direct sales party-plan consultants will comment their phone suddenly weighs 500 pounds when they need to make business calls. Particularly when those calls are to get bookings. What is it that prevents consultants from getting on the phone and making those calls? Fear. There is a fear of making a mistake. Fear of not knowing what to say. Fear of making a fool of yourself. All of these are manifestations of the fear of rejection. The question really is; what if they say no? Rejection is the fear that prevents us from picking up the phone and making the calls you need to make. How to deal with rejection is the difference between success and failure in your business.

Getting a no can be traumatizing. Your positive thoughts can turn to negatives in the time it takes for someone to say no to you. You think things like “this will never work.” “What was I thinking getting involved with this?” “This is stupid – I’m going to quit.” All of these are self-deflating, ego blasting thoughts.

To get past the feelings of rejection from “the no” look at what “the no” is doing to your life. Let’s say you have two bookings on your calendar, and you decide to get on the phone and get more bookings. The first person you call says no. The second person you call says no. Even the third person you call says no. What has changed in your life? Did you have two bookings before you made the calls? Do you still have two bookings? Do the people in your life who mean the most to you stop loving you because someone said no to you? Is your house going to fall down around you because someone said no? What has really changed in your life? Nothing. By realizing someone saying no to you changes nothing in your reality makes a significant difference in hearing no.

What no means is you need to be working smarter. Someone says no to you is not a rejection of you, but rather, a rejection of the offer. To work smarter consider how you are presenting yourself over the phone. Are you coming from a mindset of “I need bookings” or a mindset of “this is what I can do for you” when you make your calls? By changing your mindset and focusing on what you can do for the person you’re calling you’ll find your phone has suddenly gone on a diet as you collect yes after yes to booking.

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